Top 5 Tips To A Better Sex Drive For Women

Much of your confidence as a woman stems from your beauty, intelligence and the ability to attract your man’s interest. So what can you do if the spark has sizzled out of your bedroom?
What can you say when the only thing on your mind is: “Honey, not tonight.”

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In the past, women across most cultures were expected to be submissive and dutiful regarding all matters concerning sex, seduction and attraction. Men were thought to be the dominant gender, and a woman’s sex drive was rarely ever a topic worth mentioning.

Your lackluster sex drive may have served you well in that era, but in the age of equality, both you and your partner expect you to do more than lie down dutifully and let him have his way with you, regardless of how you feel about it.

If you’ve tried talking about your decreased libido with your physician or OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology), chances are you’ve come away from that experience discouraged and hopeless.

The Mayo Clinic reveals that many doctors blame depression, anxiety and stress for the lack of a healthy sex drive. Dismiss him or her as your doctor and be rest assured that there is much more to it.

Get over your not-in-the-mood blues with the following five simple tips to boost your sex drive, and see how much more there is to a healthy sexual libido!

1. Relax Before Sleep

This health tip seems like a no-brainer, but surprisingly, many women lose valuable sleep due to tension, both physical and mental. Sleep that is restless or riddled with stress is almost as ineffective as no sleep at all.

Do a few gentle exercises to ease your mind and body before bedtime. A short meditation session can set your mind at ease, while a few minutes of slow, gentle stretching can rid your muscles of pent-up tension

2. Get Moving

Exercise may seem like the last thing you’d want to do to increase your sex drive. For most women, health is synonymous with cardio exercises and weight training, but a change in libido may not be associated with both. Gear up and go for a run or lift a few sets of weights.

When you’re finished, note how revved up you are, both mentally and physically. Sure, you may be exhausted at first, but after a few minutes of cooling off, you’ll feel rejuvenated.

Exercise causes you to release endorphins (feel-good hormones), and it stimulates the production of testosterone. Testosterone is a male reproductive hormone, but women produce it as well, and it stimulates their sex drive in a more aggressive manner.

3. Change Your Diet

Are you a fan of chocolate chip cookies, pizza and fried chicken? Of course you are, but if you want more action in the bedroom, eat less junk.

Processed foods and starches carry loads of fat, and cause your cholesterol to skyrocket. Studies suggest that high cholesterol is a common culprit for a low sex drive.

4. Check Your Thyroid

Have you been gaining weight lately? Perhaps you’re feeling sluggish all of a sudden, which coincides with your dipping sex drive? This may be cause for being tested for a thyroid disorder. Research shows a correlation between thyroid disorders and a low libido. An appointment with your physician and a blood test may help you eliminate this as a possible cause.

5. Change Your Birth Control

How ironic is it that the very thing that is supposed to free your mind of sexual consequences can also cause you to lose interest in sex?

Pin ItThis is more common than you’d expect. Hormone-based birth control methods have been linked to a lackluster sex drive. Also, progesterone-based birth control, such as the Depo Shot and the MiniPill, are associated with vaginal dryness and lack of arousal.

Sometimes stressors, depression and anxieties are a major component to lack of sex. Then again, a few small changes in your lifestyle can bring back the spark all the same.

Try the above tips and revel in a rekindled passion for your partner and time together well spent.

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