PersonalGrowth.com creates communities and knowledge products that spread enlightened ideas and empowered thinking. Enriching and improving peoples lives is our goal and primary purpose. We aim to push the boundaries of human potential.

PersonalGrowth.com is the result of an incredible journey that began in 2003. A passion and interest in personal growth and development led to the company that is now Personal Growth Ltd. We are now expanding with a talented team of awesome individuals who also love self improvement, are big-thinkers, spirited, bright, skilled and amazing to work with.

What Do We Stand For?
We stand to liberate the constraints of the mind and address the educational imbalances in society today, so that all those we touch can live happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. The vision of our global brand is to push the boundaries of human potential; publishing online and offline, developing and investing in personal growth education that inspires change in the lives of others. Every human being on the planet has an untapped strength, hidden talent, reserved power, dormant ability, unrealised success or unused capability. Unless the mind is opened they will remain hidden deep within. We intend to stir, stimulate and awaken those that hold their hand up to fulfilling their ultimate greatness. We stand to achieve this by working with authors, teachers and conscious-leaders in the fields of personal growth, development and self improvement.