Helpful Tips To Have More Energy While Eating Out

For ambitious women, eating out is actually a necessity for our career and social lives. Networking dinners are an essential part of career building, and it’s so important to be on top of our game at these events: to be able to focus, to consider, and contribute.

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While it’s tempting to “let go” when we eat out and order the naughtiest things on the menu, the things we would never make ourselves at home, we may find that indulging in these foods can really slow us down mentally and physically. Sugary, fried and heavier foods will make us slower, less able to respond quickly at these important meetings as our bodies struggle to digest and we feel sluggish as a result.

Don’t worry though, it is possible to have a great time, eat food you enjoy, feel more energy and even lose weight while eating out all the time. The important thing to remember is to focus on eating for energy.

Choose The Right Appetizers

Bread, chips, pretzels and dips or fried snacks are standard fare in most restaurants as you wait for your order. As you start conversing, it’s easy to reach for a few pieces of calamari or bread dipped in special olive oils. And the longer the food takes, the easier it is to over-do it.

But its torture to sit there hungry after a long day with the bread bowl right in front of you! You DO need something to snack on while you’re waiting for food – but bread and fried appetizers fill us up with empty calories and immediately cause stomach bloating and expansion, giving us a heavy feeling.

Order a smarter appetizer immediately so you’re not tempted by what’s on the table. It also keeps you from crossing over into the hangry, Incredible Hulk version of yourself in front of an important new contact! Order an interesting salad, luscious tuna or salmon tartare, or velvety hummus with crisp veggies. These will keep your hands busy, satisfy your growling stomach, and help you stay quick and mentally active.

Order Sauce On The Side

When it comes to ordering your main entree, even the healthiest of meals can have their benefits suffocated by overly buttery, rich, extremely heavy sauces. You don’t have to forgo the sauce altogether. It’s part of what makes that particular dish special. Just ask for it on the side so you can control the amount of sauce, while still enjoying a light, flaky and tasty dish overall.

7 Key Terms To Look For To Keep Your Energy High…

• Grilled

• Baked

• Steamed

• Broiled

• Lightly Sautéed

• Roasted

• Seasoned with (herb or spice)

9 Key Terms To Avoid
(They tend to make you feel sluggish and tired…)

• Fried

• Crispy

• Caramelized

• Sauce

• Gravy

Pin ItHollandaise

• Creamy

• Pastry Crust

• Pot Pie
Don’t let a guilty pleasure turn into pure regret and misery by overindulging, especially when your reputation and potential new growth opportunities are on the line. To have more energy (and less guilt) while you’re eating out, all you need is a good plan and a few strategies to make sure you present the truest version of yourself: the you that’s bright, vibrant, and insightful with an agile and engaging mind.

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