The One-Month Plan To Getting Over A Breakup

The end of a romantic relationship is a difficult process for many people, particularly those who are caught off-guard by a sudden change in their circumstances.

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Getting over a breakup typically takes time and patience, and while going through it, you may believe at times that the emotional heartache you are experiencing will never subside. This is where the use of daily affirmations and exercises aimed at healing your distress can make a significant difference in helping you to move forward with your life in a positive and productive manner.

Give yourself one month to work through your end-of-relationship feelings, and be sure to practice at least one of the following self-care techniques along the way. Try these 31 methods for getting over a breakup in any order that you choose, and by the time another month begins, you are likely to find yourself seeing light at the end of the tunnel and making peace with putting your relationship in the past.

31 Tips For Healing And Moving Forward

1. Reach out to friends and family. Your loved ones are a great resource for offering support and advice or even just listening as you express your thoughts about the end of your relationship.

2. Get a beauty or personal care treatment to lift your spirits. Looking your best with a new haircut, makeover, skin treatment or spa treatment can also help you to feel your best.

3. Make a list for yourself that details all of your ex’s shortcomings and the low points of your relationship. Read the list whenever you find yourself missing or idealizing the relationship.

4. Establish a regular exercise routine. Your body’s natural release of endorphins as you work out will help to elevate your mood. Getting in shape also provides you with energy and boosts confidence.

5. Compile a playlist of your favorite breakup songs, and listen to it whenever you are feeling down. Include songs to suit all mindsets, such as anger, sadness, humor and personal strength.

6. Adopt a pet, or spend quality time with the pets you may already have. Petting your cat or taking your dog for a run brings you much-needed comfort, peace and companionship.

7. Cut all means of contact with your former partner, including phone, social media and in-person. For the foreseeable future, you need to make a clean break in order to move on.

8. Write out your feelings in a journal or personal document, adding to it whenever you have emotions that need to be expressed. Releasing your thoughts through the written word is therapeutic.

9. Watch movies with an empowering story-line, either by yourself or with a group of friends. The movies do not necessarily have to focus on the aftermath of a breakup, just character strength.

10. Keep yourself busy with projects at work. Your career serves as an excellent way to draw your mind’s attention away from your personal life. Take on extra work for further distraction.

11. Sign up for a class on something that you enjoy or have always wanted to try. Take a college course, cooking class or exercise class to gain knowledge and meet people.

12. Have a good cry whenever you feel the need. The end of a relationship often involves a grieving process, and crying is both a healthy and natural way to express emotion.

13. Engage in relaxing rituals at home. Soak in a bubble bath, light some scented candles and read an engrossing book. This type of self-care is soothing and promotes positive energy flow.

14. Try a new hobby, or increase the amount of time spent on a current hobby. Set goals for yourself to improve your crafting skills, run faster or grow a large garden.

15. Acknowledge your shortcomings in regard to your relationship failing, but do not put all of the blame on yourself. Recognize where the communication broke down, and apply this to your future.

16. Take care to eat on a regular basis, and drink plenty of water. Loss of a relationship can sometimes lead to loss of appetite, but looking after your health is vital.

17. Reconnect with people with whom you fell out of touch during the course of your relationship. You may find a person or two to offer support and re-establish a friendship bond.

18. Splurge on an impulse buy, within reason so as not to put your finances in peril. Buy a designer outfit, pair of shoes, new car or other item to treat yourself.

19. Start practicing meditation if you are not already versed in the technique. Clearing your mind, letting go of emotion and just allowing yourself to “be” is great for mending your wounds.

20. Ensure that you get plenty of rest. Proper sleep not only restores your body from stress, but also relaxes your mind as you transition through a new phase of your life.

21. Do simple things that make you happy. Watch funny video clips, indulge in a favorite food, go on lighthearted outings with friends, or engage in similar activities that lift your mood.

22. Offer your help to someone in need. When you are struggling, you can benefit from volunteering at a shelter, donating to charity, assisting the elderly or aiding the less fortunate in other ways.

23. Pack away any physical reminders of your old relationship. If you cannot bring yourself to throw out photographs and mementos, store them somewhere that is not within easy reach.

24. Take a short vacation to a favorite place or an entirely new region that you’ve always wanted to visit. A change of scenery is ideal for taking your mind off your breakup.

25. Count your blessings. Although it may sound trite, taking the time to be thankful for all that you do have can aid you in gaining perspective regarding your lost relationship.

26. Stay away from any harmful vices, including drugs, alcohol and an excess of unhealthy foods. This is especially important if you have an addictive personality and are feeling depressed.

27. Get professional help from a therapist or spiritual mentor if needed. Sometimes, the trauma of a breakup goes beyond what family and friends can do to make you feel better.Pin It

28. Redecorate a neglected room in your home, or take the time to give your entire house a makeover. Buy some paint, get new furniture or expand your outdoor relaxation space.

29. Sort out a daily routine, and stick to it as often as possible. Structure helps you to keep a cool head and go about your life with reduced stress.

30. Think about goals for your next relationship. Resolve to work on your communication skills, and consider what kind of partner you will seek when it’s time to date again.

31. Once you are firmly on the road to healing, look into options such as online dating, matchmaking via mutual friends or meeting someone new through hobbies.

Best of luck!

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