Video: Strangers Kiss On Camera And The Results Are Adorable

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Georgian film director Tatia Pilieva conducted an experiment. She asked 20 strangers to kiss on camera for her new short film “First Kiss”.  The result is a perfect combination of something both adorable and a little awkward.

Tatia got the idea for this film when she was looking through pictures of her and her husband kissing and realized how happy they made her. So she wanted to know if this positive energy could be created by strangers and shared with the audience.

The pairs in the video were chosen by Tatia randomly, by pure instinct only. And they all are complete strangers. There were no rules during the filming and just one instruction: to kiss each other. Tatia says that the atmosphere was so intimate that they didn’t even call “action” so as not to intrude.Pin It

She also mentioned that it touched her how vulnerable the kissers were, how nervous and at the same time kind to each other. “In some instances I may have even closed my eyes”, she says. Even as just a viewer of the video you will probably feel nervous along with the participants and will definitely see the energy field changing as two people kiss eachother.

And if after the video you get the natural reaction of wanting to reconnect with your loved one in the same way, here are some tips on How To Connect With Your Partner even after a busy week.

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