Video: The Real Secret To Detecting Lies

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Did you know that you probably hear anything from 10 to 200 lies a day? Some of them might be little white lies, and others might be part of a major deception.

Even if you think of yourself as pretty good at detecting lies, the odds are that you aren’t as good as you think—after all, most historical methods for picking up dishonesty through physiological changes haven’t ended up being very effective.

However, if you want to get better at picking up lies, communicate science might hold some of the most useful answers.

In this enlightening TED-Ed talk, Noah Zandan explores and exposes the language of lying. Using famous examples of lying, he discusses the underlying themes that might unify these individual cases, helping to generate a more cohesive account of lie detection on the way.

You’ll learn all about the tricks of liars, from careful use of language to certain types of pauses and body language cues that suggest dishonesty. So, the next time someone tries to tell you they can’t make a date because they’re sick, or attempts to wangle their way to an extended deadline at work, you’ll be Pin Itbetter placed than ever before to tell what’s really going on—honest bad luck, or self-exculpating lies.

As a bonus, you’ll also pick up some smart tricks that will help you lie when it really is to the benefit of your hearer (such as when you’re planning a surprise party or getting ready to propose to your partner!).

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