Video: Scientific Proof Of How You Can Be the Most Attractive Woman In The Room

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If you’re a single straight woman or just hoping to stay maximally attractive to your male partner for as long as possible, you may have looked at certain women who always attract attention and wondered “What is it about them that makes them so irresistible”?

Of course, there is no one in the world who is universally viewed as desirable, but there’s no denying that certain women seem to have a magnetic draw—and they’re not always the most conventionally beautiful.

So what is it that’s behind this attraction? By watching this video, you’ll learn about the six main scientifically supported ways to be sexier and more intriguing to men.

While some of the key traits that tend to make women appealing cannot be changed because they’re inherent physiological traits (such as the pitch of your voice or the length of certain limbs), the great news is that others are easily amendable and could have you snagging the attention of more men in no time.

As a bonus, you’re bound to feel more confident as you choose to present yourself in ways that you know make you appear incredibly attractive.

This fascinating video also covers some of the major questions that women often discuss when deciding on makeup to apply and outfits to buy. Should you don your brightest red lipstick or opt for pastel pinks? For that matter, should you perfect your face with plenty of foundation and bronzer, or will Pin Ityou draw more positive attention if you stick to a minimal look?

In less than three minutes, you’ll hear smart tips that could instantly improve your dating odds. You’ll discover how everything from hair color to your apparent mood and the color of dress you wear can influence your desirability.

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