Losing The Baby Weight Without Losing Your Mind

When Kate Middleton gave birth to Prince George, the world watched as they exited the hospital to reveal the new royal to the world.

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Along with commenting on the unsurprisingly adorable new heir, a shocking number of people also expressed surprise at her still-present tummy. Much to the chagrin of mothers everywhere, and apparently to the surprise of some, your body doesn’t immediately bounce back to its pre-baby form the minute your little angel exits your womb.

To lose baby weight the right way, you need to apply concentrated effort to the task, which can admittedly be difficult when you’re also trying to deal with your munchkin’s endless needs. Don’t despair, however; there are sure-fire techniques that will get you back in shape.

Be Patient

Don’t let the celebrities who drop baby weight in hours or days of welcoming their bundles of joy leave you feeling frustrated. Not only do these rapid-losers likely have around-the-clock personal trainers on standby and a chef ready to whip up their body-slimming meals, they also may not be going about it the right way.

At the end of the day, this isn’t a competition. For optimal health, you should wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth before actively trying to lose weight. Once you do start, take it slow and aim to lose between a half-pound and a pound a week. This gradual weight loss isn’t just healthier it’s also more sustainable.


Along with being the healthiest, and by far cheapest, option for your baby, breastfeeding does wonders for your waistline. To produce one ounce of breast milk, your body has to burn nearly 20 calories. This means that a mother who feeds her baby 30 ounces of breast milk a day will burn around 600 extra calories while doing nothing.

Particularly if you have found baby weight difficult to shed in the past, this option is one that is well worth exploring, as it benefits both you and baby.


It’s obvious, right? Though you can lose weight without exercising, you will certainly help yourself lose weight more rapidly and build some muscle by engaging in exercise of some form. Don’t push yourself to the extreme.

When you return home from the hospital, start with some strolls around the neighborhood, while showing off your new baby no doubt. After you’ve reached the 6-week mark and received a clean bill of health from your doctor, amp it up a bit.

Try out a new spin class, start training for a 5K or just get lost in a book on the treadmill. Whatever option you select, you will likely improve not just your physical self, but also your emotional self as you dedicate time to self-betterment.

Eat Healthy And Regularly

Busy new mammas are notorious for skipping meals. While it may seem as if this will help get you back down to your former slender self all the quicker, it won’t. You need food not only for your own health, but also to keep up the level of energy required to take care of an infant.

Instead of skipping meals, develop an awareness of the types of foods you are eating. Nosh on lean proteins and healthy fruits and vegetables. Filling your diet with these nutritious staples will keep you full and energetic while you drop the pounds.

Stop Stressing

Though it’s easier said than done, letting go of some of that natural new-mom stress can make weight-loss a whole lot easier. When you’re stressed, your body produces cortisol. This stress hormone was super-important back in the day when running for your life was a regularly and necessary task, but now it just leaves you feeling fatigued and makes your body hang on to that weight you are trying so hard to lose.

Pin ItThough there isn’t anything that can take away the stress associated with parenting an infant, it’s vital that you take some you time. Pass off your tiny tot to your partner from time to time, and don’t feel guilty about it.

Go for a walk, read a book or just grab a coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Taking this time away as an opportunity to focus on yourself and to recharge your batteries will not only prevent the accumulation of cortisol, but also make parenting a whole lot more fun.

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