Follow Your Heart And Listen To Your Gut

When it comes down to the reality of life, our time spent on this earth is very short. We all have moments were we think back about our past and reflect on this.

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It’s as simple as where we have been and what we have become. The past can be a few hours ago or it could be years ago. To some a few years may have felt like just yesterday, to others a year ago may have felt like forever.

I observe people everyday, some may call it people watching, and well quite frankly it is. I look at their body language, the way they speak, their expressions on their face. It’s all part of the inner workings of my mind. I want to see why people act the way they do, and when it comes down to it I want to see if they are happy or not. As I sit here alone at this coffee shop I’m intrigued by the world around me, the hustle and bustle of the traffic zipping by at the nearby intersection. Impatient people honking horns trying to get somewhere in as little time as possible.

At this same moment in time there’s a newly wed couple sitting across from me deeply in love, enjoying a coffee and muffin together. To them nothing else matters in this current moment of time. Yet one day they will experience the same feeling that, the driver at the intersection has felt. It’s unavoidable, everyone will feel frustrated and impatient at some point.

Each and everyone of us represent a different part of the world. After all there is a little over 7 billion people in this world. We all live our lives differently and at different stages. Yet at some point we will all feel the same feelings but in a slightly different scenario. You can relate to almost everyone in this world. Whether you choose to or not is up to you. You won’t agree on everything, but everyone can agree on something. What I can tell you is when you take the time to be observant you may just find someone worth connecting with. Listen to your surroundings, be more observant and you too may find something or someone worth keeping.

In this article, I want to make you think, just like others make me think. This is my outlet to express my feelings and thoughts in a way I can better understand them. It makes me happy and I find it releases the stress I may have. I am at peace when I write.

I have also been thinking about gut feelings. What are they ? Well there’s a feeling you get when you know something is right for you, and there’s a feeling you get when it’s wrong. If you can decifer the two than you may just be able to guide yourself through life based on these feelings.

My dad has always had a strong “gut” feeling when it comes to making decisions. Sometimes his mind tells him other wise, but in the end you should always go with your gut. There’s been points where he’s made a decision and has felt uneasy about it for days. So what does he do he changes or fixes the problem. You can’t just walk away and simply think it will mend itself or go away. Studies have shown that havering a “gut” feeling is actually a real occurrence that happens in the body.

The body will create a feeling of uneasiness to make you realize what’s wrong, in order to guide you towards what’s right. If you have ever been in a situation you know you shouldn’t be, we all get these feelings deep down inside. The difference is how in-tune are you with yourself. Do you always listen to your mind telling you to stop when, your gut says go? It’s finding the balance to what your mind says versus your gut.

Sometimes when the opportunity arises we just need to take the leap of faith based on out guts. If it feels right and it’s something you really want to do, don’t let anything hold you back. Find a way to fight the fear and fight on. The chances are you won’t regret a thing.

When I moved to Arizona the last few weeks prior to leaving New Jersey, I felt the fear kick in, I thought I didn’t want to go anymore. My gut told me otherwise. Even though I realized I had some really amazing people in my life. In the end I simply realized that I had all the support in the world. The people who wanted to move were envious, they couldn’t conquer the fear themselves. So they lived their feelings of excitement through my opportunity.

I have lived here for a while now and I have a better appreciation for my home. If I were to recommend anything to someone looking to grow and learn about themselves at any age, I suggest if you have the opportunity to, try and travel. Travel as much as possible, and don’t hesitate, if you wait too long your window of opportunity may slip away.

A good way to stay true to your word and keep integrity with yourself is to tell everyone and anyone about your plans. If you do this and don’t follow through, you not only let yourself down, but others will be disappointed. I know that what others think of you shouldn’t matter, but this is just a simple way to trick the human mind. Moving out west has been the best thing I’ve ever done, and if I hadn’t done it I wouldn’t be the person I am today. It would have took me years to learn what I learnt in 4 months here.

Why You Might Ask?

Well because around every corner is a new opportunity, an opportunity that may be worth taking and a good way to learn about yourself and your skills. If you live in a place you have always known, then you’re less observant. Your actions day to day are robotic, you know everything and anything about where you live. By traveling or moving to another state, country or maybPin Ite just a few county’s over you are forcing your mind to adapt to the surrounding area. You’re constantly striving to learn more, you’re more observant and you’re actions are not repetitious.

Moving Is not always permanent, and you can always return home, but when you do, you will have a better understanding of who you are, as well as having a few more skills and tools in your life toolbox. If you ever felt like you needed to get away, trust you’re gut. Listen to the people who say you can’t, because it will only fire you up and make you want to do it more. Remember that opportunity lies all around us, no matter where you live, you just have to open your eyes and trust your gut. We all are living in this world together, experiencing the same feelings, it’s what you do with those feelings that determine your path. Make the life you want to live, don’t let the life make you.

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