Video: Find Out What Your Handwriting Says About You

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A science called graphology analyses the personality characteristics of the writer based on his patterns of handwriting. And this science is actually much older than you might think – it was first developed in China over 3000 years ago!

So let’s see what your handwriting has to say about you:

1. Size

  • Small letters mean you are more shy and concentrated.
  • Large letters mean you are more outgoing and you love attention.
  • Average letters mean you are adaptable and well-adjusted.

2. Slant

  • Right slant indicates that you are open to new people and experiences.
  • Left slant indicates the opposite: you prefer to keep to yourself.
  • Upright handwriting means that you like independence and tend to be more logical than emotional.

3. Pressure

  • Heavy pressure shows that the writer takes things seriously and is committed.
  • If the pressure is too hard the writer quickly reacts to criticism and tends to be uptight.
  • Light pressure indicates empathy to people and sensitivity to the atmosphere.
  • If the pressure is too light it may show lack of vitality.

4. Word spacing

  • Wide spaces means that the person enjoys his freedom.
  • Narrow spaces means that the person likes to be around other people more than being alone.

5. Shape of letters

  • Rounded letters indicate creativity
  • Pointed letters indicate intelligence and curiosity
  • Connected letters indicate logic

6. Crossing the t’s

  • If you cross your t’s at the very top means you have a good self-esteem and are ambitious
  • If you cross it in the middle it means you are comfortable in your own skin.
  • If the line is too short it may indicate lack of determination or fixation on ideas.
  • If the line is too long it may indicate stubbornness, but also enthusiasm and determination

7. Open and closed o’s

  • If your o’s are open you are probably very social and talkative.
  • If they are closed you are a more private person.

8. Dots over the I’s

  • Too high means a great imagination.
  • Too close to the stem means that the person does not share easily.
  • Right over the I means good organizational skills.
  • Dot to the left of the stem indicates that the person may be a procrastinator.
  • Pin ItDot to the right of the stem indicates that the person tends to act quickly and without thinking.
  • If there is a dash instead of a dot the person might be anxious.
  • If there is no dot at all it may indicate recklessness.

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