Video: Discover Why Fat Isn’t As Bad As You Think

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Everywhere you look, you’ll see messages that fat is the enemy. Magazines, diet trends and spa treatments all try to convince us that the only way to be attractive and desirable is to put as large a distance as possible between fat and ourselves.

However, do you even really know what fat is? And have you fallen for the rumor that all fats are created equal?

In this four and a half minute TED-Ed talk, George Zaidan challenges some of the most popular and unhelpful misconceptions about fat. As he explains, the real story about fat is much more complex than you’ve been told.

Most importantly, the type of fat you eat can matter so much more than the amount you eat. By watching this video, you’ll find out how you can safely and healthily include moderate amounts of certain fats in your diet. Forget the myth that you need to live a fat-free life!

Pin ItWhether you’re just fascinated by nutrition or are actively trying to lose weight and want to learn more about the science that will help you do this, Zaidan’s presentation will give you a brand new perspective on fat.

With the help of fun and informative animations, he offers quick, easy and clear rules that you can apply when choosing your food, and gives a lucid account about what each type of fat actually does to your body.

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