Video: Busting Bad Habits For Good

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It’s human nature to acquire at least a few bad habits over time. Perhaps you chew your nails, tend to comfort eat, or are guilty of getting overly irate when you’re driving. Whatever your bad habit or habits, you’ll know all too well that they’re tough to overcome. Many seem to be deeply rooted in the subconscious, resurfacing whenever attention is turned away from them.

Plus, they tend to serve a protective purpose, helping you to deal with anxiety or find a seemingly “safe” way to express repressed feelings. Think of your biggest bad habit—the one that causes the most disruption to your life or that you find most annoying—and spend five minutes watching this WellCast video. The presenter claims that with just four clearly outlined steps, you can learn how to overcome absolutely any niggling bad habit, leaving it behind for good. Along the way, you’ll learn more about the science of habits, both good and bad, helping you to see how to retrain Pin Ityour brain in productive ways.

This is a fun, straightforward talk that could help young people as well as adults, and promotes learning about interesting elements of psychology. It will not only improve your lifestyle but also give you a useful new level of self-awareness.

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