Video: Are You An Introvert? You’re More Powerful Than You Think

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Extroverts get a lot of good press for being successful business people, desirable partners and amazing dinner party hosts. So, if you’re an introvert, you might find yourself wondering if your personality style is going to limit your achievements.

After all, you’re quieter and much less “obvious” than your extroverted peers, so surely you’ll often be overlooked and never quite manage to make the best of your potential?

Thankfully, not so. In this TED talk, Susan Cain convincingly and passionately offers her reasons for thinking that introverts are uniquely powerful, bringing their own amazing skills to the table. She argues that introverts merit as much celebration as extroverts, and her rousing speech is sure to leave you feeling better if you tend towards the introverted end of the spectrum yourself.

Cain’s talk is funny and inspiring, but it’s also deeply informative. If you’ve been wondering just how you can use your introversion to your advantage and ensure that you bring your own special Pin Itgifts to the world without compromising your nature, she has some profoundly practical advice to offer.

She ends her discussion of the introverted character with talk of three calls to action that she hopes will encourage people to change some of the environments that stifle introverts and discourage them from pursuing fulfillment. Could you take some of these calls to action on board or use them to adapt how you interact with others? Watch and find out!

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