9 Hobbies That Open Your Mind To Encourage Mindfulness

If you are new to studying the concept of mindfulness, then you may be wondering how to go about being as present as you can be in any given moment.

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When living a mindful life, the key is to accept your current thoughts as they are without assigning judgment, worry or emotions connected to the past, present or future to these thoughts.

You might be surprised to learn that your favorite pastimes and hobbies are likely to be mindful in nature, allowing you to focus your energies on your present task while existing in a content and balanced state.

Consider the nine common things discussed below, examine the ones that apply to your life, and learn how to embrace the mindfulness that these pastimes encourage.


Deeply associated with mindfulness, meditation is a hobby that, by its very nature, keeps you grounded firmly in the moment. As you breathe deeply, allow your mind to stay clear and focused and open yourself to receiving and observing thoughts without prejudice.

Take up meditation in your study of mindfulness and practice regularly to achieve personal growth.


Cooking relates to mindfulness in that you must remain in the present as you work in order for your recipe to turn out correctly. Skipping steps or becoming distracted is detrimental to the cooking process, just as it is to your efforts in being mindful.

Enhance your mindfulness as you cook by focusing intently on each required step and staying aware of your progress.

Playing A Musical Instrument

Playing music not only contributes to a relaxing atmosphere but also prevents your mind from dwelling on thoughts as you create audible tones from written notes.

Practicing your instrument, whether alone or as part of an ensemble, is mindful in the sense that you must always be present and attentive in meeting your cues. Every sound that your instrument produces is its own moment in time.


Much like cooking, crocheting, knitting and similar hobbies involve a great deal of focus on each individual moment in the creative process.

As you work with colored yarn and needles, make the effort to engage fully in each moment, staying mindful of your present action so that you do not need to fix past errors as you progress through your project.

Grooming Your Pet

Running a grooming tool through your dog or cat’s fur can indeed be a hobby that reflects mindfulness. Concentrate on each stroke of the brush or comb, staying completely in the moment as you untangle knots and smooth your furry friend’s coat.

This pastime is also connected to certain mindful traits including patience and contentment.

Writing In A Journal

Though much writing is done on computers nowadays, the traditional practice of writing your thoughts and ideas in a journal is more conducive to an atmosphere of mindfulness.

Allow present thoughts to pass through your mind onto the written page without bringing hesitation or judgment into the mix. This hobby can strengthen your concentration, which is also important in mindfulness.


Whether you enjoy painting, sculpting or making art projects from various mediums, crafting is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the present moment, appreciating your opportunity to create works from scratch.

Allow your hands to engage with the materials that you use and try crafting without putting too much emphasis on the end result.

Playing A Sport

Many sports, both solo and team, require determination and a keen sense of self-awareness in relation to the positions of objects or other players. Your ability to size up the present moment without lingering on thoughts or doubts is an important factor in the enjoyment of this type of hobby.

Remember that your mind as well as your body can make all the difference in playing sports successfully.

Pin ItGardening

Gardening is a special hobby regarding mindfulness, as you are tending to and nourishing life and must be present so that your plants can thrive.

This hobby provides you with a wonderful chance to connect with nature and your position in the world as a being that can provide care. Stay aware of each change that your plants undergo as they blossom.

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