7 Daily Affirmations To Start Off Your Day Right

The idea of standing in front of a mirror and saying something positive might seem a little silly, but a bit of positivity can actually go a surprisingly long way. According to Susan Heitler, Ph.D., of Psychology Today, being positive overall can make you feel better and improve how you interact with others, so why not start with yourself?

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Try saying the following seven affirmations each morning to start off your day on the right foot!

1. I Am Healthy And Strong

Remind yourself of your health and strength each morning, even if you’re not particularly feeling strong or that great when you first wake up. The common phrase, “mind over matter” has some truth to it, and you can basically trick yourself into feeling better and stronger than you do at first by reinforcing that idea.

If you’re suffering from a health ailment or condition that makes it a little difficult to suspend disbelief, try reminding yourself of what you do have and how much worse off you could be.

2. I Have All The Tools For A Great Day

Part of having an excellent day is the initial belief that you can. If you’re too busy focusing on all the negatives, you’ll quickly find yourself forgetting all the positives.

Tell yourself you have the tools you need to make your day wonderful even if you think you don’t. If you believe you do, you’ll make your day work better for you overall.

3. I Can Solve Today’s Challenges

This idea is pretty similar to telling yourself you have all the things necessary for a perfect day: if you think it, you can make it happen. Think or say aloud that you have the information you need to handle all the challenges that come your way in your upcoming day.

By getting yourself into that mindset, you will be able to solve challenges and handle any obstacles that cross your path.

4. I Will Make Smart Choices

It’s easy to start making not so smart choices throughout the day if you’re faced with decision after decision, but you can stop yourself from slipping into that trap by affirming you can make the right calls because you have the knowledge and ability to do so.

Remind yourself of all the information and tools you have at your disposal so you have the fortitude to stop and think each time you’re faced with a choice to make. By putting just a few extra seconds of confident thought into your daily decisions, you can make choices that benefit you and work the best for your life.

The key to being able to do that is getting yourself into that head space each morning before you even step out of the door.

5. I Am Content And Happy

Even if there is a lot going wrong in your life right now, there is still something going right. Tell yourself that you are happy and content with your life before you head off to work or to start your daily routine.

This affirmation will help you see things more positively and have a better day overall. If you’re facing a particularly difficult phase right now, remind yourself of what you are happy with and what you can look forward to.

Dwelling on the negative can have a serious impact on your experience in general, day by day, so keep things as positive as possible so you can appreciate all aspects of your life, the good and the bad.

6. I Am Calm And Patient

Being patient and calm is a choice that you can make no matter what’s going on in your life right now. Make the commitment to be both each morning. Impatience and frustration only serve to Pin Itfrustrate you and others around you, and both can cause unnecessary stress.

There is no need to drag yourself down by engaging in behavior you can control, so get yourself into the calm and patient mindset before you face your day. You’ll find your overall stress levels will decrease, and your interactions with others will improve, if you’re more patient and calm than frazzled and snappish.

7. I Am Grateful For Life

Reminding yourself that you are alive is a great way to get into a positive place when you first wake up in the morning. Life itself is a gift, and it can be very inspiring to briefly dwell on the fact that you have a day to make your own.

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