6 Steps To Meditate Your Way To Higher Consciousness With Binaural Beats

Throughout the ages, there have been plenty of options for people who either want to try meditating for the first time or add to their current meditation practices.

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In recent years, science has taught us that meditating with help from binaural beats may allow some people to reach a deeper and clearer state of consciousness in less time than other methods, and you can learn how to try this meditation method yourself.

Understanding What Binaural Meditation Does

Meditating with binaural beats or doing any other sort of meditation naturally lowers brainwave activity. During our busy daily lives, our brainwaves operate at a constant high level, which means we don’t have the chance to recharge and rest.

Before you start trying to meditate with binaural beats, try to get yourself in a good mindset by taking a few minutes to quiet your mind by temporarily ignoring anything that’s trying to act as a distraction.

Go To A Quiet Place

Binaural beat meditation works best in an environment that’s free of ambient noise. That means giving yourself a break from kids, pets, your mobile phone or other things that may create noise and break your focus.

If the thought of doing that makes you anxious, try meditation for 15 to 30 minutes at a time first. After all, almost anything that demands your attention can be pushed aside for a short period and as you progress, you’ll find yourself more comfortable with meditating longer.

Use Stereo Headphones

The concept of binaural beat meditation works through stereo headphones. Ideally, the kind you use should be a noise-canceling variety for the best outcome. In a pinch, you can try using stereo earbuds, as long as the room you’re in is extremely quiet.

Purchase MP3s Or Find Free Versions

Companies sell special MP3s specifically for people who are interested in meditating with binaural beats, but you can also find free options online. No matter how you get your MP3s, try to find some that fit with your natural music preference.

Most versions include background music to make the experience more interesting for listeners. If the first MP3 you hear doesn’t strike your fancy, that’s no reason to give up. Just stay determined to keep searching until you find something that’s more in line with the music you like to listen to normally.

Focus On The Sounds

When you begin listening to your first binaural beats selection, do your best to focus solely on the sounds you hear. Keeping your mind on track like that is an important part of allowing your brain to reach a meditative state. Also, be mindful of the things that you usually try when it’s time to relax.

Whereas some people keep their eyes open while meditating, others close them. In your case, you may find it easier to wind down by focusing on a candle flame or burning your favorite scent. When you’re able to encourage your body and mind to relax, the binaural beats can start to work on lowering your brainwave activity.

Pin ItBe Patient

Binaural beats do not work immediately. Just like almost any new thing you try in life, it takes time and diligence to encourage your brain to reach the higher state of consciousness you crave. If you find yourself getting frustrated by how things are going, don’t lose heart. Instead, just make a plan and stick to it.

Regardless of if that means meditating in this way every day or every few days, decide that you’ll do it with a regular frequency and give it a good effort.

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