6 Quick Changes That Will Help You Regain A Healthy Life

You are once again feeling motivated to eat better, exercise more often, drink less caffeine, quit smoking or make some positive lifestyle changes you have been telling yourself you need to make. You have tried before — and now probably about to make another attempt as part of your New Year’s resolutions.

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Making a change is challenging, it doesn’t happen overnight and takes a lot of dedication and hard work, especially when you want to transform yourself in a positive way. So once you are ready to make a change, think of it not as a resolution but as an evolution.

Here are six quick changes that will help you regain a healthy life.

1. Change Your Mind

The first step towards a healthy lifestyle requires no sweat at all. It’s all in your mind and how you perceive things. Believe in yourself and realize that you have the power to change your life by changing your thoughts.

Every individual has the capacity to choose their paths, reach their goals and targets, and build exceptional lives. However, the challenge is believing that you can make it happen.

All you need to do is fix your mindset by looking closely at how your emotions and behaviors are affecting your health. Observe your self-destructive behaviors and work on minimizing negative self-talk.

Oftentimes, journaling, positive affirmations, visualization, and other powerful techniques can help improve your self-esteem and move you closer to your goals.

2. Make Healthier Choices

Restock your fridge and pantry. Dump all the unhealthy food items immediately and make space for nutritious, energy-boosting fruits and vegetables, lean meats, whole grains and other similar items.

Also, switch to decaffeinated drinks. You can also plan out few quick fix healthy meals and then stock up on their ingredients along with snack-sized packages of dry fruits, nuts baby carrots, baked sweet potato wedges and organic yogurt, for times when you are on the run.

3. Set Up A Support System

Every individual is responsible for his or her own success, but we still owe some part of the success to our friends and family. In today’s fast-paced world, when we hardly get to time for ourselves, having well-wishers is a blessing. It is very important to build a support system.

Share your thoughts and goals and discuss how you are planning to achieve them. Share your general likes and dislikes. Let them know how important it is for you to have their presence and support. Don’t forget your coworkers. Count them too. They can keep you on track at work. Seek support from your friends and family when you feel down, discouraged or unmotivated, and celebrate with them when you reach a milestone.

4. Start Moving

Exercise is the best way to burn calories and fat. Find activities that you enjoy like basketball, cycling, swimming or just a walk. Many people do circuit training because it simultaneously improves mobility, strength, and stamina.

If you have been inactive lately, just take that first step. You may not be ready to run half a mile yet, but you can go for a walk or maybe even a short run. And once you start moving, remain loyal to it. Set up a workout schedule and mark it on your calendar along with your most important appointments of the day. With a positive frame of mind, motivation, and support system, you can bring this change in your life for good. All you need is to start and stay consistent.

5. Set Attainable Goals

Where do you see yourself in the next two years and what is your vision of the ultimate you? Take some time to imagine it, break your goals into smaller targets, and then write them down! To make a permanent change, you will need to set short-term and long-term goals, then create and write down your necessary action plans to achieve each of these.

6-quick-changes-that-will-help-you-regain-a-healthy-life-pinWhether you are establishing a new daily workout regimen, mastering a new exercise move each week, or learning new healthy recipes to cook for yourself and your family — setting specific, realistic and easily achievable goals will help you keep track of the progress you are making and it will keep you motivated.

6. Plan A Simple Reward

Is there a reward you might enjoy for a job well done? For example, if you achieve most or all of your marks on planned activities for one week, you will reward yourself in life-affirming ways — that means no food rewards! Treat yourself to a massage or a luxurious bath for killing it in the gym all week or go on a retail therapy trip for a new workout outfit or a pair of sneakers.

Reaffirm your belief in yourself, and soon you will find that you are taking the steps needed to achieve them.


We often get to hear that old habits die hard. That’s why it is not easy to alter deep-rooted habits like driving to nearby places instead of cycling or walking; eating a piece of cake to satisfy your sweet tooth instead of an apple or a handful of nuts. However, working towards a change will help you regain a healthy life.

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