5 Key Foods To Eat Before A Yoga Workout Session

There are certain yoga poses that are designed to help your body release. However, that can sometimes mean you find yourself unintentionally passing gas. Although it may be embarrassing, this response is also totally normal.

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With that in mind, there are several foods you can eat that might reduce the chances of passing gas during a class, and even better, help your body feel its best during your session. Read on for details about the top yoga-friendly foods.

1. Bananas

Bananas are very rich in fiber, which means they help to keep you feeling full and help control the speed that sugar is released into your bloodstream. Also, keep in mind that the potassium in bananas works in conjunction with sodium to keep you hydrated, while the magnesium content in bananas helps you avoid muscle cramps.

Finally, bananas are classified as a low glycemic fruit. That means they won’t make your blood sugar spike, but they’ll keep you energized during the yoga workout.

2. Oats

Oats are a type of slow-digesting complex carbohydrate that will keep you from feeling hungry throughout your class. One of the easiest ways to conveniently increase your intake of oats is to eat a small serving of oatmeal before your class.

Like bananas, oats are very rich in fiber and help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Because they are a type of food that’s high in magnesium, oats support good bone health, which could mean that you’re able to continue doing yoga even into an older age.

3. Darn Good Date Balls

These handheld treats are snacks you can prepare in 10 minutes or less. They are a raw food, so there is no need to bake them. In addition, some recipes are gluten-free, vegan, and naturally sweetened.

Made from pitted dates, water, oats, coconut flakes, sunflower and sesame seeds and chopped almonds, these snacks are simple to prepare by mixing the ingredients in a food processor.

What’s more, you can eat the date balls right away, or place them into the freezer for about half an hour so that they’ll take on a firmer texture. They have a lot of protein and fiber, plus the sugar from the dates will slowly release into your system, providing sustained energy.

4. Almonds

Even just a handful of almonds can help curb your hunger so you feel excellent during your time on the yoga mat. Aim to get a raw and unsalted variety because those are the easiest types for your body to digest.

Almonds have a good balance of healthy fat and protein to keep your energy levels up. They’re high in fiber in common with some of the other foods on this list. Also, Vitamin B2 works with the fat and protein to boost your energy. Vitamin E adds an antioxidant, too.

5. A Simple Green Smoothie

This treat, like the date balls, is good if you need to fuel up before your yoga class, but want to do so as you’re on your way to the class. One of the reasons that the word, “simple” is in the name of this healthy drink is that it doesn’t have very many ingredients.

Generally, when something has fewer ingredients, it’s easier for your body to digest. But you’ll also probably be relieved that the simplistic nature of this drink means you won’t have to spend a lot of time making it.

Combine a half-cup of coconut water to help balance your electrolytes, a small handful of spinach to support your bones, a half-cup of fresh berries that are rich in antioxidants, and a tablespoon of chia seeds to promote your energy levels.

This mixture will help you feel charged up without the possible crash that a caffeinated drink could cause. Just toss all the ingredients into a blender until the mixture is smooth, pour it into a Pin Ittravel mug, and you’ll be good to go.

These are all healthy foods that you can enjoy from 30 minutes to an hour before your yoga class starts. They all require little to no preparation time, so you don’t have to subscribe to the belief that it takes a lot of effort and money to eat well as a way to support your yoga poses.

Feel free to try eating some or all of these foods on a rotating schedule, and see if you notice a change in how your body feels during and after yoga. Before long, you may experience the common saying, “You are what you eat” for yourself. These foods may not make you instantly better at yoga, but they could help you feel better as you improve.

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