3 Simple Steps To Be You At Your Best

It’s time to lose that inner critic that’s been holding you back.
Research has shown that thoughts happen much more randomly than it seems. This is due to your brain coordinating all of your years of learning, experiencing, reading and listening to parents, teachers and everyone else in our lives.

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Your brain is just an organ, just one part of your body, with its own routines for getting things done. Every time you have a thought, your brain cells talk to each other, reinforcing that thought pattern. These patterns are continually creating these automatic thoughts.

But did you know that research has shown that negative thoughts are reinforced faster than positive ones? This is because your brain has evolved in a way to protect you from any real or imagined danger, making you much more fearful and careful than you need to be.

If you want to gain control over your own mind, you must first come into an awareness of what is happening within you. (*)

Now, since you are not your brain (remember, it’s just an organ), you can give your brain a command that will make you aware of your negative thoughts and emotions, allowing you to take action to overcome them!

You must recognize and realize that you don’t have to play into any negative thought! You don’t have to let it control you. Instead, you can simply observe this negative thought or unpleasant emotion, and you can surrender to it.

And what does this mean, to surrender to it? The act of acceptance and surrender has nothing to do with giving up. You can allow something to happen without getting emotionally attached to it. When you become aware of an emotion or thought that’s negative, you can accept it and allow it to flow by.

Then, you can use the command “next!” in order to get your brain to move on to the next thought or emotion.

As you become aware of negativity, as you accept it for what it is, you can then move on to the next thought or emotion — you can choose to refocus your mind on what you want your thoughts and emotions to be. You can choose a dazzlingly positive thought that will empower you to have the right emotions, the ones that drive you to take action!

Just use these three steps to quickly re-frame any negative thought or emotion:

  1. Pin ItGive yourself a command to be alert for a negative thought or emotion.
  2. Surrender to it by allowing it to happen, and release it by saying the word “next!”
  3. Refocus your thoughts on what you want to achieve, and take action.

Practice until you can do this consistently, and you will find that your control over your thoughts and emotions is well within your ability. This upward spiral in positivity, motivation, and happiness will continually reinforce the types of behaviors that you need to achieve the goals that are most important to you.

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