10 Steps To Creating Wellness

Our life is about having the energy for who we love, what we enjoy, our responsibilities and commitments, our professional and personal lives and of course ourselves.

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I think energy comes from the foundations of looking after ourselves and focusing on our emotional and physical wellbeing. It’s important to take time and create space to do this and I would suggest focused attention on some key areas which contribute to overall wellness.

1. People

Ensure that you have the right people in your life, those who make you feel special and encouraged, supported, nurtured, cared for and who embrace who you are. Gradually let the others go. If you’re feeling a little alone, join a club, attend an event and connect a little with others in a way that feels right for you even if it means a visit out of your comfort zone.

2. Physical Health

We know that eating a balanced healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, sleeping well and exercising are good for us. Sometimes we forget. Self-care starts with these basic requirements. Build them into your daily routine. Limit excesses, break unhealthy habits, visit your GP and dentist for a routine check-up and most importantly, listen and connect with your body. It will tell you what’s not right and needs attention. And what is.

3. Finances

Work to a realistic budget of income and expenditure. Know your outgoings and what are necessities versus extras. Feel comfortable around money and understand any issues you may have. Set up a repayment plan and work to your income.

4. Self Development

Do something new whether it’s for learning or fun, an interest or challenge, creativity or something you’ve thought about doing for a little while. Take yourself on a new adventure, in a new direction, for five minutes or five hours. And often.

5. Surroundings

Is your home a lovely, safe and calm place to be or does it need a minor or even huge overhaul? Is your bedroom relaxing, your desk organized, your car working? Fix things which are broken and enjoy pleasant aesthetics. Our environment should reflect who we are.

6. Meaning

Does your life have meaning and purpose? Do you feel satisfaction and pleasure, joy and fulfillment, valuable feedback and stimulation or at least some of these? Are your talents and skills being used effectively and is everything you do congruent with your values? It’s worth reviewing if there are more no’s than yes’s.

7. Love

Effective partnerships have respect, care, intimacy, and communication. Appreciate each other and enjoy being together. Work through things as they arise and make the effort. Don’t expect perfection. It just doesn’t exist.

8 Spirituality

Connect with a higher being or place. Mediate, do yoga, be mindful, walk, draw, read and just allow yourself to be.

9. Emotional Health

10-Steps-To-Creating-Wellness-pinFeel a sense of joy, calm and ease. This is often established by concentrating also on the other areas. Understand negative emotions and work through them. Seek help if needed. Talk to those close to you and understand your feelings.

10. You

Put yourself at the heart of everything and everyone. This isn’t about selfishness, more giving. The more we can care for ourselves the more we can give to others.

If there are any areas which particularly stand out as needing attention, make the time to focus on them. Work with a coach professionally if that would help.

Finally, look forward to being the best version of you.

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