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Your Intuitive Guide To Successful New Year’s Resolutions

If you rolled your eyes, felt a pang in your stomach, or winced at the thought of making—and keeping—New Year’s resolutions, then your intuition is already working! Why? Because most of us know from experience that we break our New Year’s resolutions before the end of January.

Here are some tested tips:

1. Your intuition probably allows you to recite by heart the main tips in keeping these resolutions:

  • Break up your resolutions into small tasks.
  • Start over again when you falter.
  • Know why you faltered.

2. But here are a few tips that your intuition might not activate:

  • Make resolutions on your birthday! Your new year is more important than a calendar year.
  • Get a buddy or join a program to help you. These aids serve as your cheering and steering section. Start a courage-bolstering group of friends, family, or new people who keep you on track.
  • Strengthen your resolve by remembering how you managed other tough times—or overcame.
  • Review these basic tips while you focus on your success.

your-intuitive-guide-to-successful-new-years-resolutions-pin3. Now here are some more advanced tips to help you succeed in your goals:

  • End a task at a point that will be easy and far less stressful to do the next day. Why? When you know that a task is not difficult, we tend to face it and do it. And, even though this accomplishment may not be great, it makes you feel in charge of your life and confident enough to take on tasks you don’t like! And starting the day feeling good about you is the best defense against procrastinating.
  • Give yourself permission to succeed. Yes, that’s right. Lurking beneath our awareness are all the negative messages you heard and experienced from your caregivers. These messages come from the childhood experience of your caregiver! So, they are not about you—but, rather them!
  • Don’t evaluate your success on how you feel. We all get anxious or uncertain when we tackle new tasks. Instead, base your self-evaluation on what you do! Keep in mind that all major decisions, and new ways of acting are done scared—and without all the information we need!
  • Give up the idea of perfection. Just get going. Remember: You can’t edit a blank page, and you can’t tweak your actions if you don’t actually do something!
  • Discuss your goals and plans with a trusted person. Talking out your ideas and projects forces you to clarify your thoughts.
  • Get into a mindset that all of life is trial and learn—not trial and error.
  • Find your inspiration. Read inspirational biographies of people who didn’t give up. Or, watch inspirational movies about people who overcame the odds. And, of course, think about the loved ones in your life who are ill or whose life was cut short.
  • Finally, say to yourself: I am allowed to succeed and live my life my way because I matter!

I wish you happiness in the New Year!

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By LeslieBeth Wish
LeslieBeth (LB) Wish, Ed.D, MSS, is an award-winning, nationally honored licensed clinical psychotherapist, recognized for her pioneering research-based books about women, family and couples. The National Association of Social Workers named her as one of the Top Fifty in the country. She helps others to act with respect for themselves so they can become brave, smart and intuitive in love, life, work and happiness. LeslieBeth is a wife, stepmother and professional with a passion for embracing the world and its beauty.

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