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Video: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes When You See These Photorealistic Drawings

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Have you ever heard of Zaria Forman? She is an incredibly talented artist who creates hyperrealistic drawings of nature to bring awareness to the climate crisis. As Ms Forman herself says her paintings represent a nation “that could be entirely underwater within this century”. She believes that illustrating environmental issues is crucial, because what people read in books and newspapers often doesn’t effect them as much as what they can see.

And the most amazing thing is her technique: she only uses her fingers! No brushes, no nothing.
 Zaria Forman

Zaria finds her inspiration through travel. All her paintings are of real places that do exist. Two of her favourite topics are Greenland, to where she led a sailing expedition a couple of years ago, and the Maldives where she spent a month researching the climate change.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. Have these paintings inspired you?

P.S. Fun fact: 10 of Zaria’s drawing were used in the set design for the popular TV series House of Cards.

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