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Why You Will Never Be Successful (The Truth)

When I was younger, I was desperate to be the best at everything, and have the best/newest item around. I wanted to have these things in order to feel successful.

Now, this might not be your version of success but have you said this before?

If only I had this much money or this job or this car. You name it, we all have these thoughts.

It’s scary how we all think we will become successful one day. I am here to help you realize the truth about being successful.

The first one will motivate you extrinsically, by making you realize how to become successful.

The second one is to motivate you intrinsically, by understanding what success truly is.

Truth #1

In the words of Gary Vee “the only difference between me and you is, I’m doing. And you’re not.” There it is, you simply are not working hard enough. You are not doing enough.

You have this vision of success but when it comes to actually doing, you are not. So how would you ever get there? How can you truly achieve success when you are not doing anything?

Maybe you tell yourself, one day. Tomorrow I will be more productive. You need to realize that yesterday doesn’t matter.

You need to do whatever you can today to better help you. If you start thinking about the past or all of the things you need to get done in the future. What needs to get done today, will not get done!

As you reach your goals, there will be one common ground between them all. Hard work, lots of time and discipline.

That is the truth and when you sleep in, there is someone else taking your place. They are doing more than you.

That is when you will miss your big chance. You will miss the opportunity.

This is why you will never become successful, you won’t put in those extra miles.

It is very simple and I am not here to motivate you, I am here to give you the truth so you can find that motivation.

Truth #2

The second one is for those who already know the first one and are already working on it. It is to help you gain some mental strength.

Because those of us who are on the path of success, no matter at the start or in the middle of a long haul. We are always reaching for more.

That is the problem and we do not stop. This is the truth and this is why you will never reach the success you want.

You see, when we reach that goal, that thing we were working so hard for. You realize the fun part was doing all the hard work.

Once you achieve it, the feeling fades quickly and you are now left with the question that dooms all of us from achieving success.

What will I do next?

That is why you will never truly be successful! Every time you reach success, there will be a new future success to get to.

How To Stop

You never stop wanting more and wanting to be better, it is a deadly way of thinking and is something I have struggled with.

When you find yourself thinking about the success you want. Stop yourself for a second.

Ask yourself. What success have I achieve already, that brought me to where I am today?

Give yourself some time to look back, don’t just think about what you’ve achieved. Feel it for a minute and remember those struggles, all the effort you put in to get where you are today.

What does it feel like?


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By Jordan Tomasone
Jordan is a travel vlogger and personal development Youtuber. He has a passion for helping others because he knows that everyone is capable of more than they think. Jordan understands that by adding value to the world he will make the world a better place. Positive minded people seeking growth are those Jordan is searching for. By thinking long-term, Jordan will continue his journey with those he surrounds himself with.

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