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Why Rest Is The Key To Abundance

“We all have the same 24 hours. Over achievers and working women take note. Abundance is not a race.”

Charlene Proctor writes about being “Open up to Abundance”, in which she states “We already have everything” (all we need now). I agree. We have all we need for our spirit to soar. We also have everything necessary to grow our soul into alignment with the divine.

Just as my body won’t do something against the will of my earthly body, so our divine being, or soul, wants to operate in accordance with the divine will. I used to run a medium sized software company. In fact I owned it. I began to think it was my source of abundance, and in fact in financial terms it looked like the real deal. Then I hit a pothole. A large pothole in which the Titanic would have not touched the sides. My company failed, yet I was working 16 hours a day!

Since then I rest more, because I found my desire for personal decision making outside of a spiritual alignment with the whole is nothing but my ego trying to be something it is not. I wanted to be successful, by doing, but I had not recognized that success was being. I began a deep search within, finding out where the peace, the joy and a sense of wholeness with the universe, exists. That for me was found by listening to the “still small voice” within, rather than to the loud ego-eccentric voices that create our subconscious fears.

When I am quiet I experience a deep inner peace, and sense of alignment, yet being still empowers me to make choices to satisfy my own physical and emotional needs. A problem for me is to identify the source of the motivation and to balance my current life so that I don’t diminish my time-based existence, while still constantly focussing on who I truly am, a part of the divine spirit.

Let me give you an example. Today I am sitting in the sun, full of praise and gratitude. I am in alignment with the creator of all this beauty and peace. However my negative ego inner critic is challenging me with thoughts implanted from influences in my past. These other voices say things like “you should be working, generating income”, “why are you not giving out, this is selfish”, or “you will not be abundant unless you are doing more” etc…

My body needs rest or it doesn’t function properly. Our Divine spirit also needs to rest, or getting in touch with our creative spirit will not happen. We all know our performance multiplies when we rest. To rest and create at an optimum level requires us to be in touch with our spirit muse.

I am sure you will resonate with dichotomies such as wanting to create something of beauty, yet not having the energy to do so, or being so involved in 16 hour days that you don’t rest and smell the roses?

So how can we avoid the blame game? By which I mean how do we stop ourselves from comparison with some impossible concept of perfection, failing (of course) and then diminishing our spirit by saying we are worth less. I think this involves focusing on our being part of a connected whole, not seeing ourselves as a cold coal separated from the fire.

Believing that we are part of the universe, in alignment with the Great Spirit, and open to a means of hearing what the divine intent is for our own life, is my take on the way to start. For why should we blame ourselves for mistakes, when mistakes are a prime way of learning. Why not instead concentrate on what we love, what inspires us, what we have done out of joy, and found success in that?

Resonating with a creative spirit grows self-confidence and a sense of purpose. I think there is a wonderful source of wisdom in seeing ourselves as belonging to, and in alignment with, all life. This is the way I see meaning in my life, and the lives of each individual, no matter their background, position or status. We are here to learn and experience one-ness. Every joy and pain contributes to our moving towards alignment with the inexorable will of love as a personality. We do that by allowing love in, and that happens when we rest in a way that blocks out the external voices, and listens to silence alone.Pin It

In that experience of quiet we tap the wells of our own depths and are refreshed with creativity and the desire for compassionate service, from which abundance flows. The Buddha said “Believe only what you yourself judge to be true.” He had something there.

Try resting more, with the intent of banishing other people’s opinions, and see for yourself how abundance emerges in your life. After all, you are currently living as Mary Oliver calls it, “your one wild and precious life”.

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By Phil Cheney
Some people are blessed with a full and remarkable life, and have used up most of the proverbial cat’s lives doing so. Such a bright-eyed person is author and coach Phil Cheney. Phil has written 7 books - his latest work is about repairing the rift between science and spirituality. Phil is an Australian who lives with his wife and her daughter in Toronto, Canada. He has two beautiful daughters and three grandchildren in Australia. He has traveled to over forty countries, built a successful international software company, headed clinical projects in a major hospital, and diversely employed as a Director, IT analyst, soldier, consultant, marketer, producer, builder, policeman, musician and university lecturer.

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