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Why Manifesting Will Change Your Life

There has been a great deal of talk about manifestation over the years. However, you might be skeptical about whether or not the concept is real. After all, if it is, why isn’t everyone manifesting brand new cars, houses, or even islands on which to live? Surely, people wouldn’t live in poverty or poor health if they could simply wish prosperity to flow in their direction. However, if you look closely at your reality, you might discover evidence that you have been manifesting what you don’t desire.

Do You Get What You Do Not Want?
People usually consider manifestation in terms of getting what they want in life. They don’t necessarily think about how they might have manifested what they did not desire. Nonetheless, it’s just as easy to draw what you would rather not have your way as it is the other way around. In fact, as most people dwell on lack, it is no wonder that they create a different reality than that which they want.

You Manifest What You Focus Upon
When you concentrate on thinking about what you want to avoid, it tends to turn up in your life. You will manifest what you put effort into thinking of when you combine your efforts with strong emotions.

Avoidance And Lack
Modern society spends a great deal of time trying to avoid what it does not fancy. People fight against procrastination in an effort to save time. They try not to get fat, complacent, angry, or be poor, and a variety of other things. As they do so, they pour masses of energy into lack and avoidance. They are anti this and that, protesting about what they dislike with gusto.

Think Of Pros Not Cons
What would the world be like if people focused on manifesting what they did like? Maybe, emotional eaters would lose weight if they focused on dealing with their emotions in healthy ways instead of trying to drop a dress size. Perhaps, people with anger issues would be less likely to lose their tempers if they concentrated on learning about how to gain a peaceful mindset instead of trying not to be angry.

Examine your life and look for signs that you have been manifesting things due to placing your focus on the wrong end of the spectrum. You may be surprised at how much energy you put into fighting not to have things instead of planning to gain what you want.

Change Your Focus
When you start to think in terms of what you want instead of what you don’t want your life will improve in many ways. Furthermore, don’t stop at considering what you desire, begin to imagine having it right now. Walk and talk as though your desires have already manifested.

For instance, if you want to be more confident, act as though you are more confident. Use the body language of an assertive person and you will attract confidence. Because you behave in a self-assured manner, people will treat you as though you have high self-esteem. You will attract the feeling of confidence in so many ways that not manifesting what you want will be hard.

Pin ItIf you behaved differently, focusing on a lack of confidence, reading books on shyness, watching out for behaviors that indicated that you had low self-esteem, you would manifest the opposite of what you wanted.

You may have inadvertently manifested less than ideal circumstances up until this moment, but you can turn your life around. Focus on joy, health, wealth, abundance and all other good aspects of life and your experiences of them will grow in response to your positive energy.

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Katherine Hurst
By Katherine Hurst
Author at Since discovering the Law of Attraction, she has overcome some turbulent times to achieve plain sailing in life. Katherine strongly believes that 'you are what you think', which is why she now lives by the mantra that 'positivity is power'! Katherine’s mission is to share her own experiences of using the Law of Attraction to inspire change and happiness in the lives of all.

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