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Why I Firmly Believe Things Happen For A Reason

I’m going to give you two examples of how we live in an incredibly connected world.

They’re completely random, but such is the joy of a Google search…

Firstly, I’m very partial to a coffee – particularly when it’s from my favorite chain coffee shop (whose name I shall not mention).

Often, I’ll ‘takeout’ my beverage and enjoy it on the road, disposing of it correctly when I reach my destination.

Little did I know that in doing so, I’m contributing to a disused coffee cup mountain that climbs to around 701 meters every year.

This is because lots of other people drink coffee as takeouts and, collectively, we’re joining forces entirely inadvertently to create something of a waste mountain (most coffee cups aren’t recyclable, you see).

Secondly, I recently stumbled across this piece of web content which illustrates the connections between celebrity chef mentors and their protégés.

I had no idea how intertwined they were – look at all of those connecting lines!

I’ve always firmly believed that everything happens for a reason.

Whether it be collective neglect relating to takeout coffee cups, or the impressive trajectory of a small number of chefs thanks to the people with whom they associate themselves, nothing is left to chance.

Here’s why I believe everything happens for a reason:

1. Clearly, It Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

We’ve all experienced crushing defeat in our lives, be it on the football pitch, in the board room or with someone we love.

When such things fall apart, it can feel like the world’s ending, but the fact remains that, clearly, it wasn’t meant to happen, and if it wasn’t meant to happen, it was never on the cards anyway.

And that sort of means we were never going to benefit from it – so what have we lost, exactly?

2. Things Always Fall Into Place

It’s not always that easy to join up the dots, but when something goes wrong, the pieces that are left in tatters on the floor eventually fall into place; they start to make sense again.

Until that happens, you can simply brush off the confusion or laugh at it, safe in the knowledge that things really will be alright.

3. Most ‘Disasters’ Are Fairly Inconsequential

Think about the number of times you’ve tried to recall a difficult period of your life but can’t remember the details – that’s because the details simply weren’t as big a deal as you thought they were at the time.

4. We’re Not Wise Enough To See Into The Future

Oprah Winfrey once said, “I trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it”, and she really had a point.

We can’t look into the future; there’s no such thing as a time machine.

That means we can’t predict what will happen or join up the dots in advance.

So, even if we simply can’t ever imagine a bad situation being made good, inevitably, it will happen.

Final Thought

The great thing about this is that you should never have any regrets.

If stuff happens for a reason, there’s no need to dwell on failures or missed opportunities, because somewhere, deep within that situation, there’s a vital connection that will make itself known further down the line.

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By Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis is a writer and owner of a copywriting service for businesses of a small and large scale. His considerable experience at director level and passion for personal and business success means that Mark is ready to comment and advise on anything from workplace dynamics to personal improvement. When Mark is not busy working, he has a love for music, dogs and football.

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