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What Happens If You Put An Ice Cube Here?

Using ice as a first-aid item is far from a new idea. Nearly everyone has been handed an ice pack by a doting mom or a hurried school nurse and told to put it where it hurts.

But what if the application of ice as a medical practice can have much further reach than this simple use? According to the ancient Chinese medical technique called Feng Fu, it can. This simple technique requiring an ice cube and 30 minutes of your time is touted by some as having major and long-lasting benefits to both physical and mental health.

What Does It Do?

Feng Fu is touted by believers as being a surprisingly effective cure to an array of maladies. Believers and practitioners alike state that this practice can do everything from improving sleep quality to aiding in effective functioning of the digestive system.

This practice has also been tied to the control of some chronic maladies, including asthma, hypertension and arthritis. Some individuals who suffer from intermittent pain also report that practicing Feng Fu resulted in reductions in headaches, joint pain or toothaches. Some also use this method to hasten the passing of cold and flu symptoms. Those who struggle with their weight have been known to turn to the practice to regulate their thyroid gland or help manage hunger and reduce obesity.

Feng Fu may also aide in control of mental health issues and degenerative disorders. Sufferers of stress, depression and chronic fatigue have stated improved mental outlook after the following of the Feng Fu practices. Additionally, some with neurological disorders and degenerative disorders have also stated that Feng Fu has aided in the improvement in their overall health.

As a final benefit, Feng Fu practice has been tied to effective treatment of sexual health issues. Impotence, frigidity and infertility have all been treated effectively with this method, claim practitioners of this method.

How Do I Do It?

Given the host of medical issues this treatment has been tied to curing, or at least improving, it is surprising how simple it is to perform Feng Fu. This exceptionally simple practice involves only that you place an ice cube on the base of your head and leave it there for a period of time. Seriously. That’s it.

To perform Fung Fu, start by finding you Fung Fu Point. This is the point between the two tendons at the base of your head. It’s central on the back your neck. To find it, feel around for what feels like a hole, where you skull connects to your spine. Place an ice cube on this point. Lay down for 30 minutes so it stays in place. If you can’t stomach being stationary for that long, use an adhesive bandage or head scarf to secure it in place so you can go about your daily activities. To prevent water from trickling down your back, place the ice cube in a baggie before putting it in place.

Recommendations vary concerning the frequency with which you should perform this practice. Some recommend that you do this two times a day; while others recommend that you wait a day or two between treatments.

Am I Ready To Try It?

Just as with any medicine or medical procedure, you shouldn’t jump without careful consideration. There are certain medical conditions that make an individual an unideal candidate for Feng Fu.
Pin ItIf you are pregnant, suffer from schizophrenia or have a pacemaker, for example, you shouldn’t undertake this practice.

Additionally, you need to exercise care to ensure that you don’t inadvertently harm your skin with this prolonged exposure to cold. For optimal safety, consult your doctor and inform her of your planned foyer into this ancient medicinal practice.

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