Welcome To The World Of Modern Dating

Many of the modern conveniences you enjoy daily make your life easier. You no longer have to trudge through stores seeking that perfect gift; you can just order it online. If you want to know something, you needn’t make a trip to the library. The answer is only as far away as your closest Internet-connected device.

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Communicating with a loved one doesn’t require the tedious penning and time-consuming mailing of letters. You can jot and send a message instantly in the form of a text message. Something modern technology and a more contemporary pattern of communication doesn’t make easier, however, is dating. In fact, many of the most dependable things about wooing and mating are actually complicated by the intrusion of technology on your daily life. Instead of trying in vain to follow your old school dating protocols, consider and adapt to the complications of dating in the modern world.

Talk About How You Communicate

From texting to calling to instant messaging, there are so many ways to stay in touch in this digital age that keeping in constant contact with your love is simple. On the flipside, this plethora of options also makes it easier to offend without meaning to. Everyone has his or her own communication preferences. While some girls take it as a personal offense if a guy doesn’t send both a goodnight and a good morning text, others find this level of contact excessive. Still others find texting as a sole mean of communication rude and impersonal. Instead of guessing each other’s communication preferences, talk about it.

Avoid overwhelming your partner when you have this conversation, especially if he is a newly found love. Skip the, “I really want to text you every hour, on the hour, and if you don’t text back I am going to think that you are not texting because you are making out with another girl or in some other way violating my trust. Is that okay?” No, it’s not okay. And you’re creepy. Can I have my apartment key back now? Instead, ask him the questions. Try, “Do you prefer calls or texts?” followed by, “How often do you usually communicate with someone you are dating?”

Expect To Be Googled

In the bygone days of the past, dates could only really get to know you by talking to you or, if they were extra sneaky, inquiring about you to shared friends. Today, current or would-be flames can and do put any questions they have about you to bed via a quick Google search. If you don’t think you are going to be Googled, you are living a lie, so take the time to track your digital footprints, especially if you are just re-entering the dating scene after a long absence. Search yourself and see what’s out there. With this proactive approach, you can reduce the likelihood that you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar without a prepared explanation or justification.

Accept That Online Daters Lie

If you’re dating in the 21st century, you are probably using the Internet in some fashion. While it is still theoretically possible to walk up to someone in a bar, few people do this, and you will stand out as a caveman-esque dater when you do. Though online dating can be a great way to meet someone new, you shouldn’t go into it naively. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, many, Many, Pin ItMANY online daters stretch the truth and, in some cases, flat out lie. Don’t be too shocked when Mr. Six-pack-abs shows up sporting a substantially-less-trim-than-advertised midsection. If you attempt to dismiss anyone and everyone who seems to have been dishonest, you likely won’t be left with too sizable a pool of partners. Be understanding. Not everyone is trying to mislead, some are just well intentioned daters who may have stretched the truth a little more than you would like.

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