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Video: Want To Be Successful? Stop Saying These 15 Things

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or just looking to get ahead at the office, you might look at more successful people and wonder how they manage to climb the career ladder so efficiently. Well, according to this straightforward instructional video, if you want to boost your success then there are certain things you just need to stop saying.

Of course, everyone’s work situation is different, but the point about these fifteen career-deadening phrases is that they can be easily deployed in almost any context.

This enlightening video outlines fifteen different phrases that truly successful people never even entertain saying, explaining why each one needs to drop out of your vocabulary as soon as possible.Pin It

While you might be able to guess a few of them, there are plenty of entries on this list that are bound to surprise you—such as phrases tackling the tricky issue of when it’s appropriate to take time off, and a few points about crediting your collaborators. Think you know when it’s best to claim sole credit and when you should thank your colleagues? Think again!

As you listen to all of these phrases, try to think about how they apply to your unique career situation and start considering when you might have said them. Ask yourself what you might instead say next time, and how that might make all the difference to your chances of a promotion or the likelihood of your business succeeding.

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