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Video: With Practice, You Too Can Develop A Supercharged Memory

Having a fantastic memory helps you with everything from remembering important birthdays to being able to recall general knowledge on demand and pass exams with flying colors. In addition, you might be especially concerned about holding onto your memory in older age, when the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia becomes more salient.

However, you might think that there’s nothing much you can do if you have a poor or merely average memory.

Excitingly, Idriz Zogaj is here to tell you that virtually anyone can become a memory master—provided they employ the right tactics. While Zogaj’s presentation makes it plain that having a supercharged memory requires a regular, firm commitment to training, it also gives you a glimpse into all the tantalizing rewards you could earn with a bit of hard work.

He explains how the techniques he teaches can dramatically improve your career, boost your social life, and help you acquire a range of fantastic new skills (such as the ability to speak multiple languages).

Pin ItAnd if you’re skeptical that you could ever make that much of a difference to your memory, you’ll be able to see Zogaj’s impressive skills and techniques in action. Even if you have a background in using mnemonics to create associations that enhance memory, learning how this expert creatively deploys and improves these types of exercises is bound to make a difference to your everyday approach to memorizing information.

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