Video: This Online Dating Hack Will Bring You Overnight Success

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Once used primarily in secret and widely viewed as a move reserved for the desperate, online dating is now a perfectly acceptable and extremely popular way of finding romance. However, if you’re like most online daters, you’ve struggled with the task of designing a profile that attracts the right kind of people.

Technology company CEO Amy Webb also felt frustrated by online dating. She frequently noted that men she found sexy didn’t respond to her, and that her profile seemed to draw interest only from people who seemed bland, ill-suited or downright off-putting.

Tired of this seemingly interminable trend, she started making a spreadsheet, generating experimental profiles, and focusing her impressive analytical mind on the task of trying to figure out what exactly was going wrong for her.Pin It

Her investigation revealed surprising and fascinating facts about everything from the right language to use on a profile to exactly how specific you should be when describing your interests and how you should approach choosing your profile pictures.

While Webb’s creative process naturally involved trial and error, she did eventually uncover a method that helped lead her to a man who would become her husband and the father of her children.

What Webb came up with was an astoundingly effective approach that is easily generalizable—in other words, you can use the benefits of her experiences to hack your own online dating life in a way that guarantees a higher success rate. She’ll not only tell you exactly how to design each little detail of your profile, but explain her ingenious approach to flirtation and message-sending that gets the best results every time.

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