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Video: This Commercial About Random Acts Of Kindness Will Make You Cry

This 3-minute commercial from Thailand is a powerful reminder of the importance of doing good without expecting anything in return. It has gone viral and warmed the hearts of over 30 million people. If you haven’t seen it yet you simply must do so now and we challenge you not to cry by the end of it.

Here is a list of 20 simple random acts of kindness that you can do too.

    1. Text or Facebook message a compliment to someone who needs it right now.
    2. Bring a treat (like donuts or a fruit basket) to work.
    3. Don’t write that angry message you were thinking about.
    4. Don’t gossip about other people or when others do say something nice instead.
    5. Hang out with someone who just moved to town or your new colleague. They’re probably lonely.
    6. Donate an old piece of clothing every time you buy a new one.
    7. Smile at someone on the street.
    8. Email an old teacher or someone who made a difference in your life to tell them about it.
    9. Let the person behind you at the checkout with only one or two items go before you.
    10. Give someone a hug (or a touch on the arm, or a pat on the back, or a kiss)
    11. Call your parents! Call your grandparents! Call that old friend you haven’t talked to for a while!
    12. Pick up a piece of rubbish on the street and throw it in the trash.
    13. Let someone else have that parking space you wanted.
    14. Go to a nursing home to talk with senior citizens or play board games with them. One research showed that sixty percent of them will never have a visitor during their stay.
    15. Offer to babysit for a single mom for free. She probably desperately needs a break.
    16. Hold the elevator doors.
    17. Leave your extra quarters in the laundry room for someone else. Think about how annoying it is to run out of change when you’re already there with all your clothes.
    18. Bring two lunches to work and give one away.
    19. This-Commercial-About-Random-Acts-Of-Kindness-Will-MAke-You-CryAsk if anyone else wants something from the store when you’re going shopping.
    20. Do the dishes even if it’s not your turn.
    21. And a bonus one: share this article on Facebook so that someone else gets inspired to do something nice too.

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