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Video: The Invisible Forces That Motivate You (And How You Can Take Control Of Them)

You’re constantly being influenced and shaped by factors outside your conscious awareness. Just think of how much power you’d have over your own feelings, thoughts and beliefs if you were able to take a critical look at some of these factors and ensure that your underlying needs were met. As you’ll learn in this video, understanding what really motivates you can not only make you happier—it can also make you dramatically more successful.

Tony Robbins is an expert self-improvement coach with a wealth of ideas that can help people boost their success in life. He’s fascinated by what motivates people, and by the idea that understanding our own motivations can create chances for effective personal development. In this particular TED talk, he reveals how emotion, motivation and personal satisfaction are linked in some powerful and surprising ways. If you’ve ever thought that your limited resources (e.g. time or money) hold you back, Robbins will convince you that cultivating resourcefulness (e.g. creativity and determination) is what creates limitless possibilities. He’ll also lead you towards developing this resourcefulness for yourself.Pin It

In addition, Robbins reveals the six human needs that drive us—and they’re probably not what you imagine! He explains they form a coherent picture in spite of initially looking contradictory, and the truth is his explanation will immediately hit home. As you come to see how you can take full control of whether these underlying needs are met, you’ll begin to see that you have the power to unlock your potential—whether it’s in business, love, creativity or something else entirely.

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