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Video: The Simple Steps That Will Get You Out Of Your Rut

We’ve all known the frustration that comes with being stuck in a rut, and that feeling of melancholy, lethargy and disappointment can be incredibly difficult to overcome.

Whether you have a sense of being defeated in your work life, personal life or quest for better health, you’re bound to have wondered how on earth you can get out of this awful rut. Worse, sometimes you’ll find your mood plummeting without an obvious cause, and be left wondering how you’ll ever start feeling better.

In this video by Marie Forleo, you’ll learn some quick and easy tips that Forleo swears will “turn [your] frown upside down” and ensure you’re back on the path to success in no time at all. She packs a wide range of useful advice into just over five minutes, covering both practical and psychological components of being stuck in a rut.

For example, she encourages you to think about disclosing the fact that you’re stuck to other people, and explains just how this can actually afford you freedom that sparks improvement. In Pin Itaddition, she challenges conventional wisdom that getting out of a rut is all about working on motivation—on the contrary, she suggests that you’ll benefiting from forgetting all about motivation and focusing on less popular, yet more powerful strategies.

So, if you’re sick of being stuck and hearing the same old advice, take a moment to listen to Forleo and learn how she gets herself back to success and happiness when she’s feeling low.

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Katherine Hurst
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