Video: Romance Shown In A Series Of Google Searches

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Who knew that a simple series of Google searches could trigger such an emotional response. The video was first shown at Super Bowl XLIV and I doubt that any of the one billion people watching it were left untouched.

The story that this Google commercial tells is extremely heart-warming, and the production must have cost almost nothing, making this one of the strongest but cheapest commercials aired during Super Bowl.Pin It

The main character of this video goes all the way from searching for the best study abroad options in Paris, to the best first date ideas in Paris, to how to impress a French girl, to the best churches in Paris, and finally to how to assemble a crib.

Makes you wonder what your life would look like in Google searches, doesn’t it? In the modern world where Internet is our go to place for answers in any situation, we probably have ‘googled’ all the most important and life changing events of our lives.

Please comment below to let us know what you think of this amazing video and share it with anyone in need of a romantical pick-me-up.

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