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Video: Once You See This You’ll Never Trust Your Brain Again!


While you might unthinkingly trust your own brain, there are good reasons to be maintain a healthy level of skepticism about its ability to be manipulated. In this shocking video, skilled mentalist Keith Barry boldly demonstrates some of his best “brain magic” on the audience, showing how the mind can fool the body.Pin It

In this infamous TED talk demonstration, you’ll see Barry effectively “hack” the human brain, finding ways to exploit loopholes in the way we think. He doesn’t claim to be doing anything magical in the supernatural sense, but that makes his ability to use linguistic deception and non-verbal cues all the more remarkable. While he chooses to leave the precise explanation for his seemingly extraordinary abilities remains mysterious in this clip, Barry’s brain magic gives real food for thought about the autonomy and perceptual abilities that most of us take for granted.

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Katherine Hurst
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