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Video: Learn How You Can Feel Sexy And Passionate Into Your 70s And Beyond

Many assume that excitement and passion are experiences reserved for younger people, and that part of getting older involves simply accepting a less intense life. In particular, women tend to feel increasingly invisible in society as they age, and you may feel that this too is an inevitable part of your future. However, Isabel Allende is here to prove you wrong on two fronts.

A novelist of 71, Allende wants to tell you how people of all ages can learn to live more passionately. In a moving and candid confession of her own fears about aging, she explores the baggage that previously held her back. She discusses how a consistent effort to train oneself to act and think in certain ways can facilitate the letting go of toxic thoughts and feelings like excessive vanity and old grudges. By following her lead and starting to let go of that same baggage as early in life as possible, you can maximize your chances of a fulfilling life that is full of passion.Pin It

In addition, Allende shares how she has continued to feel charming and seductive in spite of her advancing years. Any woman who has ever worried about losing their sex appeal with age will be inspired by Allende’s shining charisma and authenticity. Her honest and insightful TED talk dispenses wisdom that will reshape your perspective on what it means for a woman to grow older. However, it also contains undeniable gems of advice that can change your approach to daily living regardless of your age or gender.

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