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Video: Julia Roberts Stars As Mother Nature In A Film That Has Conquered The Internet

The Hollywood star’s latest role in this deeply moving and educational video may well be the biggest and the best in her career. This short film ‘Julia Roberts is Mother Nature’ may literally save lives if as many people as possible watch it and understand the message.

This video is part of the ‘Nature Is Speaking’ campaign aimed to increase awareness about what the Earth does for the whole humanity. Its tagline is: ‘Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.’ A bit of a different approach, isn’t it? After so many campaigns trying to convince us that nature needs us and cannot survive without us, we are finally forced to look at it from a different angle: we too will not survive without nature.Pin It

“Your future depends on me. When I thrive, you thrive” – says Mother Earth in this video portrayed by Julia Roberts.

But Julia is not the only celebrity to make an appearance in this campaign. Other videos star Harrison Ford as The Ocean, Kevin Spacey as The Rainforest, Edward Norton as The Soil and Penélope Cruz as Water.

This powerful cast challenges us all to step up and realize that nature will not be able to recover from the damages that the human race courses and support us at the same time. As The Mother Earth says: ‘I am prepared to evolve. Are you?’

Are you?

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