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Video: How To Regain Control Of The Black Dog Of Depression

Although millions of people are struggling with depression at any given moment, some of them still have a sense that it is shameful to talk about their mental health issues or take active steps to seek help. Recovery is a live possibility, but being aware of the signs of depression and being willing to recognize them is vital to that recovery.

Winston Churchill described his depression as a “black dog”, and this metaphor remains both popular and accurate. The following video collaboration between the World Health Organization (WHO) and writer Matthew Johnstone illustrates both the experience of depression and the quest to effectively overcome it.Pin It

Through this simple but powerful metaphor of the black dog, you are invited to understand depression better (whether your own or someone else’s) and to see new ways of battling it.

Perhaps the most important insight in this video is that it is possible to regain control of your black dog, and to learn new ways of preventing it from dominating your life.

If you know someone who is dealing with the immense challenges of depression, sharing this video can provide a much-needed sense of mutual understanding and offer hope that meaningful change is possible.

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