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Video: How Doing Nothing Benefits Your Brain

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One of the most effective ways to train your brain is to do nothing. Yes, that’s right, just do absolutely nothing. Sounds too easy? But when was the last time you really did nothing for 10 minutes?

Did not check your phone, talk to your friends, eat, or even think?

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In this video mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe will teach you how you can reboot your mind by simply being present in the moment for 10 minutes a day.

You will stop being stressed, overwhelmed, distracted and confused. And the best part is that you don’t need any preparation, incense or sitting cross-legged on the floor.

Andy was 11 when he visited a meditation class for the first time. He went with his mom and remembers it to be very stereotypical: people sitting cross-legged on the floor, oil lamps burning, incense, mala beads, herbal tea and so on. Which is exactly how many people picture meditation and why they are reluctant to try it.
Another mistake people make about meditation is thinking it is like ‘an aspirin for the mind’– if you get stressed you do some meditation and that’s it. But really meditation has a preventative nature as well. Just like ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’, 10 minutes of doing nothing a day will keep your anxiety at bay.

It is also important to realize that you can do a bit of meditation anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to burn candles or sit in uncomfortable positions.

All you need to do is take 10 minutes out of your busy day to step back, watch your mind, and concentrate on doing nothing. This will give you an opportunity to calm down, relax, get a different perspective on things and simply enjoy the moment.

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