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Video: ‘Eat Pray Love’ Author On Human Creativity

How often do you get a chance to hear a brilliant storyteller talk about creativity? The author of the thought provoking bestseller ‘Eat Pray Love’ Elizabeth Gilbert will inspire you to follow your dreams and explore your creative genius.

For all those of you who muse on what creativity really is, who are having moments of self doubt and anxiety, and for those who worry they might not have what it takes.

An incredibly funny, personal and motivating talk that you can watch over and over again and it will help every time.

Elizabeth Gilbert got her first story published in 1993 and has written numerous stories and several novels over the next 13 years. But she is best known for her memoir ‘Eat Pray Love’ published in 2006. It became an international bestseller almost ‘overnight’ and made her incredibly famous.

At which moment, as Elizabeth says, people started treating her like she was ‘doomed’. They would come up to her and ask if she was very afraid that she will never be able to top that up, that she had now hit the glass ceiling. Not a very positive attitude, right?Pin It

But Elizabeth also recollects how 20 years before that, when she had only first started telling people she wanted to become a writer, she got a similar reaction. Everyone was asking her if she was afraid of failure, afraid that she will never write anything good.  And she replied “yes”. “Yes I am afraid of all those things” she said. And she really was.

But the important thing is that she learned how to deal with this fear, how to think rationally, how to keep doing what she loved no matter what other people said.

Watch the full video to discover how she managed to do that, what difficulties she had faced and what advice she has to give to you.

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