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Video: Cell vs. Virus

Let’s have a look at the microscopic warriors called cells that play a huge role in the battle for your health.

Each cell is surrounded by a thick layer made of fats and proteins – called the membrane. It protects the inner components of the cell. The membrane lets some things that are good for you pass and blocks the others.

But sometimes viruses still manage to sneak inside the cells.

As soon as the virus is inside the cell, the cell realizes it made a mistake and it calls for enzymes that chop the virus into pieces. Then the cell displays one of these pieces to warn the other cells that they are under attack.

The other cells respond by making antibodies.

The process of creating antibodies starts in the cell nucleus, where the information about how to make antibodies is kept. This information is then transported to the ribosome where the antibody protein is produced.

In order to leave the cell the antibody is closed up in a bubble made of the same materials as the cell membrane. The bubble fuses to the cell membrane and launches the antibody out of the cell to go track down the virus and fight it.

Pin ItScientists think that there are approximately 37 trillion cells in our bodies. All of which work together to keep us healthy.

And you can help your body fight the viruses by including healthy superfoods in your diet and using natural remedies for the common cold.

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