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Video: 6 Children Blindfolded And Asked To Pick Their Mom Out Of Group

A perfect illustration of the powerful bond between a mother and her child. And a uniquely heartwarming video.

Do you think a blindfolded child would be able to find his mom in a group of other women? The answer is yes, of course he would. And this little experiment proves it.

Each of the 6 kids in the video, aged three to nine, successfully picked out his or her mom, without being able to see or talk to her.

Desiree, one of the moms who took part in the experiment, commented: “I was very excited and happy, but at the same time I was nervous. You go through a whole
range of emotions when you see your child standing there alone, trying to find his mother. I wasn’t in doubt that Romeo would find me”.Pin It

A sweet reminder that there is indeed a special connection we share with our moms.

And a question for after you’ve watched the video: Have you noticed how lovingly the women treat all the children even those who are not their own?

Please comment and let us know if you could pick your mom out of a line-up like this?

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