Video: 3 Dangerous Myths About OCD That You Probably Believe

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There is a widespread tend of jokingly referring to any organized or focused behavior as being “so OCD.” If you’re a perfectionist about your work or home life, you may even self-deprecatingly ascribe a degree of obsessive-compulsive disorder to yourself when apologizing for your interest in order.

However, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) is a very real mental health issue that goes far beyond the pop culture stereotype, and the false claims that you believe can make life much harder for those who really do have the disorder.

In this myth-busting video, Natascha M. Santos (who personally lives with OCD) will reveal the truth behind the most common and misleading rumors about obsessive-compulsive disorder. Firstly, she’ll explain exactly what criteria need to be fulfilled for a genuine diagnosis of OCD, illustrating how these criteria are not adequately met by those who merely engage in repetitive behaviors.Pin It

Next, she’ll examine a widespread belief that is even held by those who understand that OCD isn’t just perfectionism—specifically, the belief that cases of OCD are exhausted by those involving obsessive hand-washing. In the process, she’ll explain the many other forms that OCD can take, potentially shedding important light on your own well-being.

Further, she’ll take a critical look at a third myth about the degree of awareness that those with OCD have of their own thoughts and behaviors.

Finally, Santos will offer a revealing overview of how those with OCD might learn to cope with their disorder, helping you to understand why there is no “one size fits all” treatment. Her frank, lucid exploration of this mental health difficulty will forever change the way you think of OCD, dramatically enhancing your empathy and awareness.

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