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Video: Touching Commercial Will Make You Consider Becoming An Organ Donor

This emotional commercial aimed to raise awareness about organ donation was recently released by the famous advertising agency DDB. It is called simply “The man and the dog” and was created for the Argentina Foundation for Liver Transplants.

This 90 second commercial was inspired by another emotional story, that of Hachikō, an Akita dog who stayed loyal to his owner years after his owners’ death. Hachikō used to meet his owner from work every day at the train station so that they could go about their daily routine together.

But after one day the owner didn’t show up because he suffered a cerebral haemorrhage and died, Hachikō continued to wait for him every day for the next 10 years, until he himself died of old age. But you probably have seen the film based on this story called “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” and starring Richard Gere.

This commercial tells a similar story of another dog and his owner who is an elderly man. They are best friends and do everything together. They have breakfast together, go for walks, watch TV… until one day the owner suddenly collapses and is taken to the hospital. The loyal dog waits for him outside, day and night, come rain or shine.

And when it looks like all hope is lost, the doors of the hospital open and a young woman in a wheelchair comes out. The dog recognises something about Pin Ither and rushes happily to greet her. It turns out that the woman survived because the dog’s owner was a registered organ donor. When he died, his organs helped save her life, bringing a happy ending to this story after all.

The video will definitely make an impact on you, and if it won’t encourage you to donate your organs to others, we do not know what will.

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