Video: Time-Lapse Of A 2,600 Mile Hike In 4 Minutes

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Andy Davidhazy hiked 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada and took a picture of himself every mile. Watch the 2660 fantastic photos make a brilliant 4-minute time-lapse video.

Andy’s journey started at the Mexico border near the town of Campo, CA and ended near the Canadian border in Manning Park, British Columbia. He travelled the Pacific Crest Trail through the mountains of Washington, Oregon and California. The journey took him 5 months (and 5 pairs of shoes).

You can watch his progress and transformation documented in the video above. And here is a map of his trail below.

andy's trail map

Andy wanted to challenge himself, test his limitations and achieve something new in life, so he decided to go on this almost half a year long hike. He wanted to stop finding shortcuts we usually do in real-life and walk the whole distance from start to finish.

Andy says that taking pictures of himself every 20 minutes (this is how long it took him to walk a mile on average) made him commit to the whole process and not quit or skip anything.
Thinking back on it Andy says it was a great adventure and an amazing experience. He got to see so many beautiful places and meet great people along the way.Pin It

“I never imagined that doing something so seemingly pointless and selfish could have such a profound impact on my life and that of many others” – comments Andy.

He also lost 50 pounds in the process, so it was great for weight loss too which is actually not surprising as Andy made over 4.5 million footsteps in total, when we only need 10,000 steps a day to increase our level of fitness.

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