Video: Things All Insomniacs Wish You Knew And Understood

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If you’ve never suffered from insomnia, you might sometimes find yourself getting irritated by the many ways in which this problem influences the life of a partner, friend or relative. On the other hand, if you’ve engaged in your own personal battle with insomnia, you probably desperately wish that others could understand just how difficult your days can be.

Offering comfort to those with insomnia and educating those who haven’t ever had insomnia, this short video gets right to the heart of all the things insomniacs want other people to know.

It aptly characterizes what it’s actually like to live with insomnia, covering both psychological and physiological consequences. For example, it covers the influence of lack of sleep on “mental censorship”, explaining how reduced filtering of thoughts can lead to both enhanced creativity and a tendency to accidentally say tactless things.

If you suffer from insomnia, don’t do so in silence. There may well be an underlying condition or medication playing a role in your sleep difficulties, or it may be that you could benefit from Pin Itsomething like cognitive behavioral therapy.

In the meantime, while you work to achieve the normal sleep pattern that so many take for granted, don’t be afraid to tell others just how much your insomnia is influencing your mental and physical life. Perhaps even show them this video, to offer a quick snapshot of the insomniac life and create instantly deepened understanding.

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