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Video: The Science Of Embarrassment (And How To Beat Those Blushes)

Think of that awful feeling you get when you trip and fall in front of a crowd, accidentally say the wrong thing or can’t seem to perform a required skill at work. That intense embarrassment can be excruciating—perhaps even more so for those who blush to the roots of their hair when they’re feeling embarrassed. But is there anything that can be done to take public failure more gracefully? And what is actually happening in our brains when they lurch into embarrassment mode?

In this five minute video, WellCast offer a fantastic animation that illustrates the key facts about the neurological response to embarrassing situations. Then, in their typically lucid and pragmatic style, they reveal three fantastic tips that will help you cope with those surprise falls and social faux pas moments with so much more grace.

Pin ItPlus, don’t forget that many embarrassing moments, while painful at the time, later become fantastic anecdotes that will amuse even you. Few are serious sources of lifelong humiliation, and if you follow the three tips in this video then you’ll soon start to see potential embarrassment in a brand new light.

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