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The Practice And Benefits Of Crystal Healing Therapy

While some are entirely content to visit a practitioner of western medicine when they find themselves suffering from aches, pains or general discomfort, others shy away from this type of treatment in favor of less invasive and more natural options.

Crystal therapy is a popular choice among natural healing devotees. This therapy is a form of vibrational medicine, which dates back to the ancient Sumerians who inhabited Mesopotamia some 6,000 years ago. Many swear by this exceptionally non-invasive healing method and say that it is truly a pain-free natural wonder.

How Does It Work?

The practice of crystal therapy is exceptionally simple. It involves the placement of crystals on different pressure points on the body or, in even less invasive methods, the carrying of crystals on your person.

Believers argue that by placing gemstones at specific points practitioners can do everything from facilitate healing to alleviating pain. Most who practice this art say that the gemstones help align chakras and restore positive energy flow, or chi, within the body.

Others point to healing or other beneficial powers of crystals and argue that just having them around can be very helpful.

What Can It Do?

Crystal healing can be useful in treating or curing a vast array of maladies, argue believers. While beliefs vary from practitioner to practitioner, many assign different healing powers to different gemstones.

People suffering from constipation or ulcerated colitis, for example, may be treated with amethysts, as these stones are said to positively impact the intestines. Similarly, yellow topaz is believed by some to provide mental clarity.

Other practitioners assign stones seasonal appropriateness. Some argue that citrine harnesses the sun’s energy and prescribe it for use in treating seasonal effective disorder, for instance.

Simply carrying a powerful stone can prove beneficial, argue some. Rubies, for example, are believed to be good “record keepers.” This makes these stones exceptionally useful to students who are working to acquire large bodies of knowledge.

How Do I Try it?

You don’t have to have a license to practice crystal therapy; however, just like any traditional or alternative medicine, there are a lot of intricate techniques that go into performing this practice effectively.

If you seek to reap the benefits of this type of treatment, it is often best to go to someone who holds a certification of some type. Because states don’t license crystal therapists, you should seek a certification from a trusted school and, ideally, references from other clients, particularly if the practitioner is pricey.

Just like many alternative medical practices, there are untrained individuals who make lofty claims but have neither the experience nor training to back up their promises. To avoid being taken advantage of, consult references and do your homework.

What If I Want To Learn?

While you may be able to learn a bit about alternative medicines from a traditional college or university, most schools of this type only offer introductory or survey courses in which they teach the history and basic tenants of the practice, not how to practice yourself.

If you’re keen to learn how to perform crystal therapy either on yourself or others, consider making a trip to your local library or buying some books online.

Many devotees of this alternative medicine form offer books that outline their beliefs and provide introductions to their methods. If you are still intrigued after you’ve investigated in detail, seek out a school that is focused on alternative medicine training.

Many schools of this type are available online, and you may be able to find a local option, depending upon the popularity of alternative medicine in your area. Particularly if your plan is to practice crystal therapy on others, finding a traditional on-site school at which you can study with a working practitioner in an apprentice-style fashion is your best bet.

Are There Any Dangers Of Crystal Therapy?

Pin ItSome people do not believe in the power of crystal therapy. In some studies, for example, it is argued that any healing people claim to feel as a result of partaking in crystal therapy can be attributed to the placebo effect.

Crystal healing is exceptionally non-invasive, however, making it safe for anyone of any age. While you might not want to forego traditional medical treatment altogether, particularly if the malady from which you suffer is severe and degenerative, engaging in crystal therapy poses no real risk.

If you’re seeking a simple and potentially beneficial way to realign and reinvigorate, consider this form of therapy as a viable option.

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By Dr. Christina Stevens
Dr Christina Stevens is a human dynamo who is passionate about spreading the word on alternative and complementary medicine. For the past two decades, she has been on a mission to help people reclaim their lives and their health using a wide range of alternative therapies. She has also had the privilege of being featured on TV shows in Canada and the U.S., and writes for many alternative therapy publications. “I want people to realize that any disease can be reversed using alternative treatments. My treatments and advice is based on verifiable results from clinical studies, ensuring my patients find real relief that provides them with healing and resolution of their health problems.”

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