The Power Of Integrity

We’ve all heard of the word integrity before. But for many, they don’t live with integrity or stay true to their word.

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The purpose of this article is to share how integrity plays a crucial role in authentic leadership, and how you can apply the use of integrity on a more consistent basis.

Be Careful To Make Promises

Authentic leaders know their integrity is paramount to their reputation and overall credibility. Accordingly, they are slow to make promises to others and quick to follow-through on what they’ve promised to others.

Whether it be a business deal, a relationship or some kind of agreement between friends, the person who doesn’t follow-through on their promises is the one who has revealed themselves to have poor character.

People with bad character lose friends, business deals, and valuable opportunities. Don’t let this happen to you.

Go to People Directly

Life happens. Plans change. Unexpected setbacks or incidents occur.

That’s normal and a part of life. If legitimately unable to follow-through on a commitment, the leader who acts with integrity will directly go to the person or people who they made a promise to and fully update them on their situation.

The reasonable and respectful person will understand, and be appreciative that you updated them. What you don’t want to do is bail on someone without telling them why you are unable to follow-through.

If you can’t fulfill your role in an upcoming meeting, commitment, or engagement, seek to help find a suitable replacement. Also, make it up to the person somehow.

You don’t need to break your bank to do this; making it up to them can include buying them some coffee, taking them out to lunch, or giving them a small token of your appreciation for their kindness.

Be True to Yourself

While leadership is all about maintaining positive, cordial relations with others to the best of your ability, it also means breaking free from the pack and going your own way.

Not everyone may like your decisions. Not everyone may agree with your choices.

But you aren’t here on the planet to please everyone. You’re here to fulfill your purpose and help others in your unique way.

If your chosen path doesn’t match up with what someone else expects or wants, don’t let it faze you.

Send them love and then move along with your epic journey of authentic leadership success.

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